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Ready to make salsa Thanks for visiting the Smoke Alarm Oven Timer blog. I'm an older guy just doing his best with what he has, willing to share and gain knowledge as I make mistakes. I created this site to share some of my newfound recipes and things that keep me off the streets since my divorce. Life changes and you never know how it's going to go but you can always count on one thing; yourself. It will probably be mostly about my cooking, for better or worse, but I'm sure I'll throw in a few non-cooking posts once in a while.  Since I find myself single after many years of marriage and kids, I now have to make all of the decisions; to buy or grow all the food, to go out or cook all of my own meals and clean up all of the mess. That was a lot to take in at first but now I think I've got it better figured out. Taking a Second Look at Food Along with minor recent life changes, I also decided to change the way I look at food. Since we were childre

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