My New Samsung Smart Stove

Today I received my Samsung Smart stove. It has a 6 cubic-foot oven, and five burners, and can be controlled via an Android app called SmartThings. I picked it up on a Black Friday deal and they just delivered it today.  I just hooked it up and I am thrilled so far.  

I decided to pick up the black stainless steel one to go with my fridge. My old stove was about 20 years old and the front right burner was hard to light easily.
I opted for the Samsung zero-interest deal and will make 12 monthly payments, although I usually pay off such contracts a month early just in case.

While I'd seen the same model at Lowe's, the price was actually a bit cheaper on the site than the store, and I already had a Samsung account for my phone, a Galaxy S22FE.
Installation was simple, first I leveled the legs and made sure that when I put it back inside it would be dead level, my last stove needed to be quite level but wasn't, and it drove me nuts. 

I used yellow Oatey pipe tape made for propane and natural gas installation to make sure I hooked the gas up properly and I then used a leak check fluid to make sure it was tight.
Now comes the good part. I got to hook it to my Wi-Fi and play with it in the app. I enjoy using app-enabled smokers and thermometers and this is no different. 

Connecting SmartThings to the stove was as easy as entering my Wi-Fi password. 
Although nothing's perfect, it has some really nice functions you can preheat, bake, set time, and monitor your stove remotely.
I like the look of the black stainless although it does seem to grab fingerprints they are easy to rub off. 

Here's my new stove up and running: