3 Ways to Make Breakfast Potatoes

Cubed, shredded & sliced

I had some leftover potatoes that had started sprouting, so instead of tossing them, I decided to make some hash browns in three different varieties.
I started by peeling the potatoes after removing any eyes, buds, and spots.

Shredded Hash Browns

I prefer doing most of my cooking in cast iron skillets. There's no Teflon, PTFE or other additives to worry about and cast iron is actually good for you.

I start by heating my skillet with some olive oil medium-high heat. As you replace those so-called non-stick pans, switch to cast iron and get a few different sized skillets.

Then I take my food grater and I simply shred the potatoes into small pieces.

I do have one of these food processors but it takes longer to clean up than a grater and a knife just for a couple of potatoes. It can both shred and slice and can process a ton of food in minutes. I'll use it for my upcoming coleslaw recipe.

What I consider an important part,  is to make sure that you fully rinse your potatoes. You could use a colander or rinse them several times until the water is clean.

Next, be sure to dry the shreds using a linen or kitchen cloth. Press rather hard and create a potato patty out of them for easy handling. 

With your pan plenty hot, transfer your potato patty carefully to the pan, being careful of oil spatter. 

Now, cover your pan relatively tightly to let the steam inside cook the center of the potatoes while the bottom gets a nice crispy fry. Add fresh ground pepper & salt to taste. Cook them for about five minutes on the first side and then flip them over.  I brushed a little bit of olive oil on top of the second side just to get more crispiness.
Give the second side another 5 minutes and they should be done. 

Cubed Hash Brown Potatoes

Next, I cubed the second potato. Do the same as the first and make sure that you rinse and pat dry the outside of your potato cubes before frying. 

Again, put them in a nice hot skillet leave them uncovered and knock them around enough so that all sides get cooked about 6-8 minutes. I always add salt and pepper in the pan. I also add some minced onion to the cubes.
Often, this is how hash browns come in many restaurants. 

Sliced Hash Browns

For the third type, I just sliced them into 1/4" slices and made them large and small. Many people prefer their potatoes this way. I tend to cook mine this way.
These cook quickly because they're thin, so I recommend staying at the pan and manually flipping individual pieces to ensure they get cooked well on both sides. 
I enjoyed making different types of potatoes for a test. I didn't eat them all in one sitting, but they do freeze well. wrap them tightly in plastic wrap them bag them to keep them ready to go.

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