Hole in the Middle Toast

When my kids were young, I used to make this recipe for them so they would eat eggs. this is super easy.  I just buttered both sides of my favorite bread. I used some leftover french bread and it was perfect for this recipe. Just take a juice glass or jar top to make the "hole" then pop them out.

Put your bread into a frying pan or skillet then just a bit of butter in the empty hole and crack an egg into it. Salt & pepper to taste. You can just cook it like a grilled cheese sandwich over medium heat and flip it when it gets toasty. You can also add a piece of your preferred cheese and ham, salsa or most anything you like. My kids used to fight over who got the "holes"! Try it with a bagel or any kind of bread you can imagine.

Cheese (optional) 
Ham (optional) 
Salsa (optional)
Salt & pepper to taste.