Easy Grilled Corn on the Cob

In my opinion, there is nothing quite as delicious as fresh corn on the cob. Many people think it has to be messy, with strings and husks everywhere. I see people removing the husks right in the store but I prefer to leave mine as is and grill them, husk and all. Here's how I do it: 

First, soak the ears in cold water, as is. If you want, you can snip the silk from the end in case you don't want to smell it burning.  Save it for your compost! Leave the ears in water for at least fifteen minutes. The idea here is to steam the corn inside the husks. 

Fire up the grill and leave it on high. I usually start by placing the ears side by side toward one end of the grill then every five minutes or so, I roll them to the other side by quarter turns. After about 20 minutes, they should be ready. Be careful they are very hot inside, but you should be able to handle them fine with no more than a pair of decent quality oven mitts

Here comes the best part. You know how the corn silk gets everywhere when you husk the ears? If you follow this method, you will have perfect, silk-free corn every time. Notice where I cut the ear above?  The trick is to find the major diameter (there is only about an inch lost with few kernels) and cut clean through the cob with a large kitchen knife. Now using your oven mitts, squeeze the corn out the cut end. If you did it right, it will squirt right out hair-free! The husks go right into the compost bin, soon to be followed by the already eaten corn cobs.