Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Here's a really easy recipe for making a delicious homemade chicken pot pie just like Grandma used to make. Well, Grandma made her own crust but we don't have time for such things. Maybe in another post, I'll try to make my own crust and I'll label it a comedy.

I was walking through my favorite grocery store last week and I saw at the front of the store where they keep the rotisserie chickens ready to go there was a chicken pot pie. It was small, about 6 inches across and they wanted $5 for it. 
If you will learn nothing else from my blog, it's that I am one cheap son of a gun. I whipped out my phone and looked up chicken pot pie recipes because I haven't had one in years. Besides, most things that come pre-made have way too much salt. 
Of course, it was easy to find a recipe online to follow so I just had to make sure I had all of the ingredients. That recipe also uses pre-made pie crusts and I had no idea where they keep them in the store, but I assumed that they must have them either in the refrigerated section or frozen.
I found a frozen food guy and asked him but he just grunted and pointed "bottom shelf that way". It was obvious he didn't want to go over there to show me. So I made my way to the corner that he pointed to and they were near the eggs and the butter. Pillsbury makes these pie crusts in a 9-inch size with two crusts per box for only a couple of dollars. I saved a bit more by picking out the store brand. 
So I grabbed my pie crust confident that I had everything else and headed home. 
Well, when I got home I realized that I didn't have the cream of chicken soup that I needed. I also had only frozen corn peas and raw carrots for vegetables. luckily, I did have a can of cream of mushroom soup and my good friend assured me that I could use that and it would be fine. She was correct as usual.

Prep time, about 30 minutes, cook time about 30 minutes.

Let's start by looking at the ingredients:
Start with the two 9-inch deep-dish frozen pie crusts, remove them from the box and leave them out to thaw.
Next, you'll need one 15 oz. can of mixed vegetables or the equivalent roughly a cup to a cup and a half of fresh vegetables diced. You can use whatever you like green beans, corn, peas, carrots, pretty much anything you like.
2 cups of cooked and diced chicken breast. If you prefer dark meat, go for it. 
Then you'll need one can of condensed cream of chicken soup. as I said, I didn't have the cream of chicken soup I substituted cream of mushroom and it was fine.
Finally, 1/2 cup of milk and that's all there is to this recipe.

Step 1
Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 175 degrees Celsius.
Step 2
Unroll and center your first pie crust into your glass pie pan, pressing evenly so there are no thin spots.
Step 3
In a large bowl, combine your mixed vegetables, the chicken, cream of chicken soup and the milk, just make sure it's well mixed. Then pour the mixture evenly into the pan. 
Step 4
Unroll your second pie crust and gently lay it over the top of the first. Gently press the outsides of the crust together to seal the edges. Be sure to either poke a few fork holes or put a slot in the top of the pie to allow heat and moisture to escape. This part was always stressed heavily and I can't imagine what would happen if you didn't allow the heat to vent. I don't want an oven pie explosion, thank you.
Step 5
If you've made it this far then you're almost home.
Just bake it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until the crust is golden brown. My oven runs cold so I cook mine at 375. It still didn't brown right after 30 minutes so I let the broiler toast it a little bit.

All in all, this recipe was a hit for me and everyone who tried it did like it. because I live alone, I froze half of the pie and finished it later. Bear in mind the freezer can dry out your food a bit, so I added some cream of chicken soup to my leftovers. I think it came out great and I'll definitely do it again.